Upson to Join Leicester For Premier League

Leicester City earned their promotion spot to the Premier League after enjoying a superb season in the Championship League as they cruised to the top of the English league having secured 102 points at the end of the campaign.

The head coach of Leicester City, Nigel Pearson has a tough season ahead of him as his team will have to play against the best teams of England in the Premier League and one of the first players that will be joining the team of Nigel Pearson is the 35 year old veteran defender Matthew Upson.

Around 1 month ago, Matthew Upson signed a 1 year deal with Leicester City as Pearson considers the veteran player as a reinforcement that can upgrade the defensive division of the squad.

Dean Hammond is an English midfielder who has been playing as a player of Leicester City since 2013 and he has already praised the quality and everything that Matthew Upson will bring into the team.

“He is a top-quality player. He has had a great career. He has really good experience and is still a very good player. I played with him at Brighton and he is a very good centre-half, a footballing centre-half as well. He is a clever player and will be a great addition to the squad. He will settle in well because he is a good lad and he will be up for the challenge because I know he wants to play Premier League football again. He has played the majority of his career in the Premier League and played for England, so players can feed off that experience’’ Dean Hammond said as he praised one of his new teammates.

Trying to avoid the relegation zone will be a huge task for Nigel Pearson with Leicester City not having such a competitive team compared to other clubs in the Premier League but the arrival of recent signings such as: Aaron Hughes and Matthew Upson is expected to help them continue playing at the top tier English League.