Barcelona favorite to win Champions League

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino believes that Barcelona is the favorite to win this season Premier League. The Spanish side will be facing Manchester United in the quarter-finals while Tottenham Hotspur will be facing Manchester City.

Mauricio Pochettino said that Barcelona has a really strong squad with some quality players such as Suarez and Lionel Messi. He believes that they are the favorite to win this competition.

He said that teams such as Juventus and Manchester City also have some good players and that they are teams that have been built to win the Champions League.

He hopes that Tottenham Hotspur will be able to cause some upsets and win the tournament but for that, they will first have to beat Manchester City. He said that you never know in football and that they will want to use their home advantage to perform against Manchester City.

Mauricio Pochettino said that a game of football is played over a period of 90 minutes and that things will be different on the pitch. He said that the team will be preparing themselves well for the game and will believe that they can make it to the next round.

Mauricio Pochettino said that they will be playing in their new stadium and that the players will want to give the fans something that they could remember. He said that Manchester City is a really good team but they are not invincible.

He said that Liverpool has shown last year that they can be beaten and that Tottenham Hotspur will want to believe that they can do the same. Mauricio Pochettino said that it is important that he has his whole squad in good shape and that each player believes that they can make it to the next round.