It doesn’t matter if Diego Maradona labels the full backs as the part of the pitch where the least action takes place in a bid to spite and downgrade Dani Alves on route to calling him an “idiot.”

Those of Southampton’s extraction will always stand as a contradiction to the Argentine legend’s on air submission.Even as Gareth Bale stands out, others like Luke Shaw, Nathan Clyne and Calum Chambers are not far off either.

Chambers after arriving from the Saint Quarters, took his first season at Emirates by storm as he put in performances that defied his youngage wrapping up 36 appearances in all competitions.

Blessed with the height of a center back and the speed of a right back, the England international was always going to be an asset. Such versatility meant chances of his being useful at least going by his debut season will be in the green.

Unfortunately for the young man inconsistency in performance will soon set in and as he struggled to be his old self again, Wenger as he did to one time prodigy Mathew Upson decided the best direction was for chambers to go on a loan.

Middlesborough came calling as then CoachAitorKaranka earmarked the former Saints product. Although chambers managed 24 premier league appearances as Boro got relegated.

Since returning from loan, the 22-year old’s future remains uncertain as no assurance has been made from Arsenal on how useful he will be come next season.

A lot of such pause-stance is not far from the Hector Bellerin situation who happen to have been marked by Barcelona as Dani Alves’ successor.

Not too long ago Chambers was the apple of most of the Premier League clubs eyes. He can only hope a Bellerin exit gives him one last chance to show Arsenal why they wouldn’t miss the German.