Charlie Austin is once again set to become the transfer target

QPR striker Charlie Austin is once again set to become the transfer target for many clubs in the Premier league after impressing with his goal record in the Championship.

The striker decided to remain loyal to QPR and ended up staying at Loftus Road despite the club’s relegation into the second division of English football. Austin was one of the sought-after players following the end of the 2014-15 season. He had scored on a similar level to the likes of Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane. The fact that he was English only made things much better for the top teams since he would fit in well with the home-grown players rule.

Austin, however, was always destined for the Premier League and his goal record in the Championship is a testament to this fact. Still just 26 years old, Austin will represent a great addition to any team like Manchester City or Chelsea.Defender Paul Konchesky, though, believes that it is vital that the club hold onto the player in order to have any chance of a return to the top division. Even with the 10 goals from 16 score by Charlie Austin, QPR are down in the mid-table due to a weak defence. They have not won in the last five matches and are facing another season in the Championship.

“Charlie showed the instinct that he’s got. Give him a chance and he will score.We can’t rely on him all the time but this time we have and he’s nicked two goals for us. Everyone can see what he can do in front of goal and hopefully he’ll keep banging in goals for us and for himself.Of course there will be interest in him – there was in the summer – but we know Charlie and he’ll keep working until, or if, anything happens.He gives his all in every training session and game,” said Konchesky.