Stoke City is closing in on Inter Milan’s XherdanShaqiri

Inter Milan’s Roberto Mancini is looking to remove some of his players from his squad in order to stay in the limits of the amount of performers which is allowed and the squad size quota restriction of the Italian team is 25 players. The coach of the Italian team has set his eyes in selling XherdanShaqiri as well as a few other players.

XherdanShaqiri has not made an impact since arriving to the Giuseppe Meazza after having joined the Italian side earlier in January of the current year. Shaqiri is constantly being placed on the bench for a large period of the previous season, he had to settle with being an unused substitute, Mancini is believed to have considered the Swiss player on being surplus to the club and selling him is the most likely option.

The Premier League side Stoke City is interested in signing the 23 year old winger and the English outfit have prepared an offer of £60,000 each week which will be the salary of the young player meanwhile Inter Milan will be receiving £12million for the services of Shaqiri.

It still seems like Shaqiri is uncertain about whether or not to join Stoke City but making a move to the Premier League side is his best chance of snatching a regular starting role in any team as his opportunities to flourish in Inter Milan are seriously limited and it not likely to change anytime soon.
In one of the latest press conferences of Inter Milan, Roberto Mancini revealed information concerning the current situation of the Italian club as Mancini said that some players will have to leave and there is simply no other way to avoid that from happening.

“We have the restriction of a 25-man squad, so we’ll have to do something.And reluctantly some will have to leave. I think they will do well in the Premier League.” Inter Milan’s coach, Roberto Mancini told reporters.